Stationary Vehicle

If you have been parked/stationary in the same location without moving for over 3 minutes the light will turn off and the unit goes into standby mode.  It will save data and the light will go off, not to worry once your vehicle starts to move it will continue to capture the journey.

Data Processing at Night 

Your trips will be captured by the CleanCar device and sent to your unique CleanCar account that only you can log into.  The journeys will be sent using a 2G or 3G mobile network, which will send the data into your account in the early hours of the following morning.For example, your Monday trips will be processed and uploaded in your account on Tuesday morning.

Late Night Journeys that Span the Upload Cut Off 

The daily upload cut-off is at 12 Midnight.  If you are driving late at night the data may miss the upload due to the time the data takes to be sent over the network.  In this instance, the data will be processed on the following upload.For example: If you were driving late Monday night and the data misses the upload cut off on Tuesday morning this data will be stored and sent the next day and therefore will be visible in your account after the Wednesday morning upload.

Who can see your journeys 

Short answer, only you. Only drivers can see their journeys with the journey detail hidden from your manager, your colleagues or your employer; there is no way for anyone to look at your business or personal trips.  CleanCar is not designed to track what you do but is a system that will use journey data to show your suitability to an electric vehicle.  We will never share your journey details with anyone unless you give us explicit permission to do so.